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multi-award winning Spanish courses

We are proud to be one of the world’s leading Spanish Immersion courses. On Iguana Abroad you will be living in a fully immersive environment, learning Spanish with Mexico’s most highly qualified teachers. We guarantee that you will learn Spanish in the fastest way possible, while also experiencing the best of Mexican Culture and travelling to Mexico’s best locations. ¡Viva México!

the iguana abroad experience

Daily Spanish Lessons

Embark on a remarkable journey to master Spanish with our unparalleled daily lessons tailored precisely to your proficiency level. Whether you're a complete beginner or already speak Spanish, our expert instructors will guide you towards fluency with personalized attention and engaging teaching methods. Finally gain the confidence to converse effortlessly in Spanish and get ready to experience language learning like never before!

Immerse yourself in Mexican Culture

Immerse yourself in a world of limitless opportunities to practice Spanish. Our exclusive program of midweek activities and weekend travelling is thoughtfully crafted to connect you with native Spanish-speakers. Don't just learn the language but also form meaningful friendships with locals through adventures and cultural exchanges. Discover the heart and soul of Mexico, while honing your Spanish fluency in the most immersive and unforgettable way possible.

Explore Mexico

Unveil the wonders of Mexico's rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes! Prepare to be awestruck by ancient pyramids, captivated by active volcanoes, charmed by colorful colonial towns, and enchanted by unique Mexican nature. Our all-inclusive package offers multiple weekend trips, allowing you to embark on a thrilling journey - it's time to start your adventure and explore the very best this diverse country has to offer. 

Lifelong Friends

At Iguana Abroad, you won't just create unforgettable memories - you'll also forge lifelong friendships! Our immersive language program brings together like-minded individuals from all over the world, providing the perfect environment to bond with people who share your passion for learning Spanish and exploring Mexican culture. Get ready to build connections that will last a lifetime!

Homestay or Private

Choose your ideal accommodation option - immerse yourself in the local way of life by opting for a homestay with a friendly Mexican family. Experience their traditions, savor home-cooked meals, and practice Spanish in real-life situations. Alternatively, if you prefer more privacy and independence, we also offer comfortable private accommodation right in the centre of the city!

And Everything Else...

With airport pickup and a comprehensive arrival package, we'll take care of the logistics, so you can focus on immersing yourself in the experience. And rest assured, our dedicated 24/7 support team is always on hand to assist you throughout your unforgettable adventure in Mexico. Embrace the excitement and let Iguana Abroad be your gateway to a transformative and unforgettable language and cultural experience!

Why Cuernavaca?

The ultimate location for Spanish immersion

Cuernavaca, a hidden gem in Mexico and just one hour south of Mexico City, stands out as the ultimate destination for Spanish language immersion, offering unique advantages that make it exceptional. To begin with, Cuernavaca’s serene atmosphere and smaller size provide an ideal environment for focused language learning, far removed from the hustle and bustle of larger urban centers. The limited presence of English-speaking tourists and residents makes Cuernavaca the perfect setting for achieving complete Spanish language immersion, allowing our participants to dedicate themselves to their language journey without the distractions of English-speaking interactions.

Cuernavaca’s close-knit Spanish-speaking community facilitates authentic interactions with locals who are eager to engage in conversations with language learners. This contrasts with the fast-paced and cosmopolitan environment found in larger cities, which might hinder opportunities for immersive language practice.

The city’s rich historical significance and cultural heritage, deeply rooted in ancient Aztec traditions, provide a unique backdrop for language learning. Exploring historical landmarks and participating in local festivities allows learners to embrace the Spanish language within a context that enriches their understanding of Mexican culture.

Embrace the charm and advantages of Cuernavaca with Iguana Abroad – a perfect haven for Spanish language enthusiasts seeking an authentic and rewarding immersion experience in the heart of true Mexico, where you can truly experience the authentic culture and lifestyle of this stunning country.

What do our previous Iguanas have to say?

"Being a basic Spanish speaker and learning it here, I've learnt so much so quickly, and you kind of learn without realizing it... It's just the total immersion. Practicing from the first thing in the morning with Olga (the breakfast chef) until the activities in the evening."

"The level of communication leading up to the trip was brilliant - all the help I needed was always so close. Some of the smaller parts of the course were actually some of the most important to me in the end, like the airport pickup, things like the pre-arrival handbook, the accommodation booklet - just that feeling of being safe and that everything was so well planned."
"Iguana Abroad has been unique because it has given me the opportunity to live and integrate myself into the culture here... Undoubtedly my level of Spanish has improved merely by being here, being exposed to the language, to the culture, and everything that comes with it. It's really given me a huge amount of confidence. I've absolutely loved it"

Giving back to the community

At Iguana Abroad we are extremely proud about our contribution to the local Mexican community.

During Iguana Abroad we partner with many local artists, businesses, artisans and traders to provide our series of immersive midweek events and weekend trips. We always choose to work with small independent providers rather than large businesses or international corporations, so that all the money we spend during the course of our programs remains in the local community, stimulating the local economy, boosting the local artisan network  and providing support for local indigenous groups.

We are also pleased to encourage homestay accommodation during Iguana Abroad, during which participants stay in the homes of local Mexican families and contribute directly to the household’s domestic income. As well as facilitating authentic cultural exchange and sharing of cultural values, Iguana Abroad ensures that all the money paid by participants for homestay accommodation goes directly to the host family. Ultimately, we believe our homestay network is the most authentic way to give back to the local community and make a real tangible difference to the lives of local Mexican families. 

come and travel with us!