Who are we?

about us

Iguana Abroad is a dedicated team that words to provide unique opportunities to post-A level students, undergraduates and graduates in Mexico City. Our trips combine English teaching placements in schools and language institutes with Spanish lessons and weekend travel to diverse and exiting sites around Mexico in our private minibus. Student teacher live communally in our fully furnished apartment in one of Mexico Cities most vibrant and exciting ‘barrios’. Iguana Abroad will take care of all the details: internships, excursions, meals, activities and much, much more!  

Our Mission

Mexico is one of the most culturally rich countries in the world- we didn’t know when we first came here 6 years ago that we would still be here today, but we just couldn’t leave! This is what we want to share. The food, the nature, the culture and the raw beauty of this extraordinary country.  We want people to come to Mexico and experience the same sense of awe that has kept us here for so many years, the same enthralment that has made us call Mexico our new home. 

Why Iguana Abroad?

The whole Iguana Abroad team are British natives currently living in Mexico and just couldn’t leave.

It has taken us many years to become fluid Spanish speakers, professional teachers and Mexican natives, so we wanted to create a program that we wish was available to us all those years ago. Something that combined internships, work experience, language learning and travel. 

Harry Liuba-Carmichael

Harry Chamberlain